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AI Development

New Frontier Artificial Inteligence

$AI is the first Blockchain platform focusing on development of Artificial Inteligence and Machine Learning. Our automated future is inevitable, $AI is the Blockchain integration of two most advanced technology nowadays which is AI and Blockchain. Creating Smart and Auto developing Blockchain ecosystem is our Goal.

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AI and Blockchain

Virtual became Reality

AI and blockchain are proving to be quite the powerful pair, improving almost every industry in which they are implemented. Blockchain and artificial intelligence are combining to upgrade everything from food supply chain logistics and healthcare record sharing to media royalties and financial security. $AI focused development in these two area surely will give super advantage to stakeholders in term of technology benefits that can be extracted.

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Why with $AI

Hybrid Blockchain Technology

$AI services development will give you advantage over others and providing you extra Benefit through AI and Blockchain. $AI will integrates personalized blockchain and AI infrastructure with current business networks, in the process upgrading a business's infrastructure, servers and software that perform everything with real-time data and Self learning Algorithm.

$AI and Possibilities

$AI's blockchain technology is a Blockchain-AI convergence is inevitable because both deal with data and value. Blockchain enables secure storage and sharing of data or anything of value. AI can analyze and generate insights from data to generate value.

Convergence Ecosystem

Blockchain is a digital ledger that can record not just economic transactions but virtually anything of value. Public blockchains such as Ethereum are open to the public. Private (permissioned) blockchains are invitation-only and are often used in corporate environments. Private blockchains are faster than public blockchains because participants are known and trusted and transactions can be verified faster. Blockchain has powerful implications for financial transactions (e.g. Bitcoin) and even sharing sensitive data across organizations. People can be confident that the data on a blockchain is trustworthy even if they can’t see the underlying data.Data is central to AI effectiveness, and blockchain enables collaborative and secure data sharing. Blockchain can ensure the trustworthiness of data and can enable more data to be securely shared before AI extracts insights from it.

$AI Information

Total Supply

21 Quintillion

Airdrop Cap

1 Quintillion

Pre-sale Cap

10 Quintillion

Dual Network

$AI available at BSC and Matic Network

Native Coin Earn

BNB or Matic earned as an extra commision for refferal bonus

$AI Earn

Earn 100% $AI from Airdrop and Purchase reff to get you more $AI Bonus